I remember being a child, being a little girl,
When it was easy to believe in miracles.
I remember my childish happiness, when
My parent took me to Disneyland.
I remember being impressed by alive Mickey Mouse.
And other characters from beloved cartoons.
I still remember mix of smells of melt asphalt and popcorn,
Noise of crowds and rail casters,
Parade of dressed people and mom’s hand,
That led me to make picture with Minny,
The strength of the safety bell and cold metal of handhold
I kept with all my force, scary of falling out from my seat,
Funny music in souvenir shops, loud announcements,
And talking, and laughing from everywhere,
The taste of sweet cotton candy and cold Coca-Cola,
I could feel the melting cotton and every Coke bubbles in my mouth.
I remember the island in the middle of lake,
There was my first rail caster my dad convinced me to try.
I will never forget that wonderful place,
Where I got on the other side of TV screen.
  1. #1 by Sean on May 29, 2011 - 2:45 pm

    I really like this one. It is clearly based on a real memory because your imagery is so precise and unique. The smell of popcorn and melted asphalt is so strong and precise. Great poem.

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