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Don’t Lie

I listen avidly to all your words,
But I feel, feel that you're not with me.
And may you always say yes to me,
Now you're not with me, now you're with other!

And the thread of this story is tearing,
And even if you try to forget,
The scar will remain with me till the end.
I'm sorry, I can not so. Forget about me! 

But my heart aches from frantic anguish,
The world without you just unbearable.
I love you as you are, my dear, 
You just don't lie and be near to me!

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My Day

Morning. Shower. Breakfast. Make up.
Bus. iPod. Headphone. Music.
School. Studying. Lunch. Studying.
Home. Facebook. Homework. Facebook.
Dinner. Coca-Cola. Facebook. Midnight. Homework.
Shower. Bed.
Not a lot of actions.
But such a lot of meaning.
For me.
For you.
I’m going to sleep now.
To be ready for the next day.

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