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Without You

New scalding love as a turning on electric stove,
New people as a breath of fresh air in my life,
New calls and messages as a new chapter in my life book.
But without tears and without you.

You just a forgotten memory, as a fallen leaf, taken away by a river flow.
You was forgotten forever, as a cup of unfinished coffee, which was left on the table.
In present I'm with smile.
My smile is appearing on my face as a rainbow on a sunlight after rainy day.
But I'm still without you.
And without you I'm like without arms, I can't do anything.

One day passed, one month, one year.
You are moving away from me as a train from platform.
I was alone as a last candy in a box of chocolates.
But not now, I'm surounded by people as celebrities by paparazzi.

I'm smiling, I'm laughing, I'm pretending that I'm alright.
I'm living.
But still without you.

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